Engraved Engagement Ring

Pretty simple to make, fiddly and time consuming to carve. The clients grand mother had a pair of diamonds, 1ct each, in a ring. It was broken down and each of her grand daughters was given one of the diamonds. The shoulder diamonds were an after thought. Unless circumstances make it unavoidable, I don’t like putting diamonds of the same shape but different eras together. In this case, the centre diamond is an old-brilliant cut from the 1920’s. To put it with a modern brilliant cut from post 1960 makes note of the combination. I sourced the old single cuts to go with the main diamond so as not to detract from it.

White gold and diamond, engraved engagement ring.

White gold and diamond, engraved engagement ring.

Details: 18ct white gold engagement ring. Main setting is bezel set 1ct old-cut with 3pt single-cut diamonds pressure set in the shoulders. Hand-made ring with engraved shoulders.

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