The Reason…

My main reason behind starting this blog was education. After teaching apprentices the “fine art” of jewellery for many years, I was offered a position to teach jewellery at the local university. That lasted for a few years and I consider it to be one of the best experiences of my career.

I have read other blogs and newsgroups and seen hobbyists asking for advice on making jewellery, only to see them be ridiculed by the professionals. It’s as if it’s a secret society. “Take it to your local professional” they say; “It’s not a job for the handyman”. I was making jewellery while I was at school; Quality goods are made on the streets of India, by kids no less. Neither of us had formal training at these stages, nor did we have sophisticated equipment, yet it got me a job and it feeds those kids. With that in mind “HOW HARD CAN IT BE?” Not very. I quite often let people come and use my workshop to get an experience. They walk away with something they made after only a couple of hours, in precious metal.

Anyway, using my experience at teaching apprentices and university students, the resources I used for both, and my 30+ years of making jewellery, I hope to be able to pass on a series of tips and techniques to help those who are interested. It’s not hard. Anyone can do it. So, ask a question, about the industry, a tip, a technique, an information inquiry,… I hope you like it.

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