Diamond Heart Pendant

One more for the road. It’s hard to get something I like in the theme area for this blog. Fiddling about takes up so much time…

This is a white gold pendant. Paved, as they say, with diamonds. They are 1pt diamonds and each has a diameter of 1.4mm, about 150 of them in a space 21mm wide and about the same high. It is about 5mm thick with a slightly domed cross-section. This didn’t take very long to make but it took daaayyysss to mark out, drill the holes, carve the claws and set the diamonds. This was a commissioned piece too. I went to the trouble of doing a drawing to scale and to size using CAD (computer aided design) with a rendering to give an almost photorealistic impression of the finished piece, all following the clients instructions. I had to be sure they were sure they knew what they were getting. Disappointingly, it was returned with no explanation, delivered by a third-party. I had posted it to the client in good faith without receiving payment, there wasn’t much I could do. I got the feeling that they wore it to a function and didn’t need it after that. It’s not the sort of thing that sells quickly, a puffy heart covered in diamonds, so I “gave” it away for the cost of materials to recover expenses. A big loss, but I did enjoy making it. A real challenge with all those little beads having to be carved out of a solid lump of gold.

White gold and diamond heart pendant.

White gold and diamond heart pendant.

Details: 9ct white gold hand-made heart-shaped pendant, claw set with over 150 1pt diamonds.

One Response to Diamond Heart Pendant

  1. Kelly says:

    It’s magnificent!

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