Art Deco Bangle

Another workshop piece while I learn the language of the blogger. This was for one of those customers who walks in with a pile of old jewellery and says “Make me something, anything. But, it has to be a bangle and old fashioned.” So you ask the question “How old fashioned? Fifties, twenties, 19th century…?” It soon turns out that they don’t want just anything. The diamonds were old cut and single cut so anything more modern than “art-deco” would not have suited – they can look a bit flat in contemporary design. Anything older than mid to late nineteenth century and the diamonds become too modern for the design. It’s either “art-nouveau” or “art-deco” to fit in with the materials supplied. This is the outcome, the first piece where I did everything, consult, design, manufacture and set.

Art Deco inspired gold and diamond bangle.

Art Deco inspired gold and diamond bangle.

Details: 9ct yellow gold and white gold handmade bangle. Old-cut and single-cut diamonds, pavé and bezel set with milligrain edging.

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